Police stop mass ATM ATTACK!

Askari Blue Supports Local Police Cyber Forum

The Office of the Northamptonshire Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner (NorthantsPFCC) held it’s September Cyber Forum to support local businesses and organisations. Askari Blue was invited to present on ‘An Introduction to Threat Intelligence’, a difficult task in just 15 minutes. Earlier in the year, several workshops were held on this very subject, each given 2 hours to introduce the topic, with the general feedback asking for “more time”.

The NorthantsPFCC Cyber Forum invites all to collaborate and learn from one another. It provides a fantastic range of skillset and knowledge, from highly skilled Cyber Security professionals to those with little to no knowledge on the subject.

Askari Blue presented an interactive topic overview, highlighting its misconceptions, benefits and elements of methodologies. Although, a photo of an ATM (Automatic Teller Machine) lab during the presentation didn’t help. While its intention was to highlight the benefits of the subject, it seemed the knowledge to break into an ATM was overly enthusiastic! Thankfully, we had Police onboard to prevent a mass ATM attack!

If you have an event or would like to know more about threat intelligence or cyber security, our workshops enable our customers to gain a deeper insight in to current and future threats. By using threat intelligence, we empower our customers through presentations to simulated environments, in a safe and controlled lab, simulating real world scenarios.

If you’re interested in improving your cyber security posture, reducing your attack surface and ensuring your business has the right defences against cybercriminals and other threats, our team is on hand to help.