Behind the Name

Our founder Matthew Haynes has many ties to the African continent. During his time with the British Military he grew a passion for the land with such potential and a long history of conflict. And it is here where he first attributed a cyber threat actor and researched heavily on the human reasoning behind Western African online criminality. Africa has a substantial impact on the company from where it took its name. An Askari is a local soldier, guard or police officer; typically located within East Africa. Although an uncommon term, it is used throughout Europe, the Middle East and of course African continent. Askaris take on a dangerous position to safeguard people and property. Attributes of strength and integrity are essential. Key attributes to support our passion in preventing businesses falling victim to cybercrime.

Environmental values

Askari Blue is committed to supporting environmental causes. Where possible Askari Blue will reduce its footprint by using biodegradable or recyclable products and raise awareness and funds for animal welfare charities; especially those focusing on endangered African animals.