Cyber Security Consultation

Looking for help or guidance? Perhaps you need an expert to support the integration of a new security control? Or require strategic or architectural guidance for future controls? Perhaps you know you need something, but require an expert to identify the problem and remediate it?

Our professional consultants are available to guide and support you through an array of security issues. They’re experienced and skilled in a wide selection of technologies and roles. From basic security controls such as access or training, to architectural and strategic planning, we can assist you to overcome your objective.

We have created a consultation package in our shop with no minimum requirement. To align to our values by supporting smaller businesses, we have separate packages depending on the organisational size.

  • SMALL (1 – 49 staff)
  • MEDIUM (50 – 150 staff)

NOTE: Small consultation packages are limited per client. 

For large enterprises, sophisticated or unique tasks, contact us directly to confirm availability and specialism.