Incident Response

Cyber criminals are making billions and today businesses are more likely to be impacted from a cyber-attack or breach leading many to believe a cyber security incident is not a matter of IF but WHEN. In 2017 & 2018 nearly two thirds of UK small to medium businesses were impacted by an attack and/or breach. And when an incident does occur, many organisations are simply not prepared.

To help, Askari Blue have developed an Incident Response package where you simply cannot lose!

By acquiring Askari Blue’s Incident Response service, you’re already prepared to tackle a day we hope never comes. And if you’re one of the lucky minorities that doesn’t use the service, you don’t lose out! Simply reuse the service tokens on an alternative service, such as accreditation, training, additional services.

With the Incident Response service, you can prepare for the worst case in the smartest way. In the event of an incident we will provide:

  • onsite support
  • incident triage
  • identify the source of infection
  • locate threats within environment
  • management response and guidance
  • remediate and eradicate the threat
  • support internal and external communication
  • support with ICO engagement
  • support I.T. disaster recovery
  • support lesson learnt activity

No incidents? GREAT!

Speak with your Askari Blue contact for further information.

In the event there were no incidents over the life of the service, simply reuse your service tokens for another service. You won’t lose out! Speak with your Askari Blue contact for further information.

We have pre-packed the service and made available at our online shop. For large organisations, we highly recommend contacting us prior to purchasing. The cost is per day and requires a minimum set of days per customer size. See below:

  • SMALL (1 – 49 staff) — 2 days
  • MEDIUM (50 – 150 staff) — 5 days
  • LARGE (150+ staff) — 10 days